Monday, January 8, 2001

                                    Qld, 4105
                                     8 January 2001
Michelle Ford
National Customer Relations Manager
Dear Ms Ford,
I note that you have so far ignored my last email to you.  I reiterate that I object strongly to your charging me for a service that you did not provide.  You have dated my internet account with you from 24th December.   Yet I did not receive your letter enabling me to log on until AFTER Xmas -- due no doubt to a backlog of Xmas mail.  I reiterate my request that you date my account from the day of my first log-on.  Why you would ever do anything else does, I confess, elude me.
If you are so ill-mannered as to ignore me again, I will have to put you back on to the familiar TIO treadmill -- thus making more work for all concerned.  Surely even you could not be stupid enough to think that anything  is to be gained by  ignoring me again.  Do try to learn from past experience.   Or are you trying to tell me that I should expect  LESS from Optus -- or that Optus is the "NO" company?  You really should read your own advertising sometime.  You might pass for a decent human being if you lived up to it  -- but I have seen no sign of that so far.  But do surprise me!  If you had half a brain you would just fix my complaint straight away and that would be the end of it.

Another matter:  I note that my download speeds via your service are only 50k baud.  My previous ISP (a small local outfit) and Freeonline both give me 52k baud service.  How pathetic can you get to be outperformed even by a free service?   Please advise when you are going to get the equipment at your Brisbane internet facility upgraded to a modern standard.  I did not buy myself a modern HAMR modem in order to have the purchase rendered fruitless by an ISP that is too cheap to buy good equipment.

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