Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An email from an Optus insider:

I was incredibly impressed that you were posting this information online. It's extremely important that the public can see exactly how dodgy Optus is. They may have been a champion of the customers 10-15 years ago, but now they are worse than Telstra.

I worked for Optus for several years until a short while ago, and I watched everything around me continue to fall apart.

I was there when Optus started switching customers to that terrible Reitz computer system (both postpaid AND prepaid customers had to suffer), I was there when they launched that Optus Wireless Fusion package (which was so bad that they had to stop selling it for a while).

I was there when they released the iPhone, and then when the flood of angry calls came in from iPhone customers who couldn't use the service because of our terrible 3G speeds.

It may be the worst company I have ever worked for, my colleagues all suffered nothing but constant stress and frustration.

Most Optus staff start putting weight on very quickly, I myself gained 10kg while I was there. The only thing that kept me going was the glasses of straight liquor I was drinking every single night, and even sometimes during my lunchbreaks at work.

I'm unemployed at the moment, and that feels like a promotion compared to what I had to go through at Optus.

When you work for a company like Optus, there's only 2 ways you can deal with the constant stress.

One way is to do everything you can to do the right thing for customers. Take the time, fix their problems and get constant praise for being the first person to help them. Go above and beyond, spend an hour on the phone calling other departments to get it fixed. Call them back every day to give them an update on whether or not their problem is resolved.

That's what I did, and it turned me into a depressed overweight alcoholic, but at least I could sleep at night without feeling like a criminal. But you don't meet your stats/targets, and you won't have a chance of getting any special rewards or bonuses.

The second way is to become just another call centre robot. Don't care about the person on the other end, the company has made it so hard to do the right thing that you may as well just give up and start giving people the runaround. Listen for "trigger words" during the call, any reason you can to dump them through to another department. These are the people who achieve/exceed their targets and get rewarded with big bonuses and prizes.

I'm absolutely thrilled that this new Vodafone/Three merger will make them the #2 mobile telco in Australia. Most young people seem to be with both of those companies, and if they start getting free calls between Vodafone and Three mobiles then Optus is going to lose a lot of their youth base. It's not cool to be with Optus, the only hope they have is to try to revamp their Virgin Mobile brand (which has better customer service and plans anyway).

If you have any problems or questions relating to anything at Optus, send me an email and I'll be happy to tell you what I know.

I've already started posting this information online, if I said I despised this company it would be an understatement.

They've made life hell for so many customers and staff, just to try to boost their profits. That's inexcusable in my opinion.


Katseyes said...

Good onya all for exposing Optus like this.

My story is- - - I had Optus prepaid mobile broadband as I was working away from home in Emerald QLD. My usual home is in SA.

I also had Optus prepaid normal mobile service for me and my partners mobile phones.

After 8 months I was offered a position in outback QLD which I took.

I rang optus to inform them of my new address and in short they told me that the broadband service I had was not available in Birdsville where I was going.

I asked them what were my options seeing that as I had agreed to a 2year contract and was informed that if I sent all the relevant things back to Optus in the original packaging that any cancellation fees would be waived.

I was also informed that I would be sent a letter of instruction.I agreed that was a wonderful agreement!

Now bearing in mind , I have already given Optus my forwarding address and also my USUAL home address,

I NEVER received any instructions.

After about 2-3 months I RANG THEM and asked them where to send all the things they requested.

I was given an Address in Sydney and was again told that if all the stuff was received at that address then there would be NO repercussions.YEHAAAAA

Well I sent everything back to the given address in the original packaging- sim card, instruction manual etc or around nov'07

(albeit NOT by registered mail!! Stupid woman!!)

Over a year later oct'08 they are suing me for the breach of contract payment!$544.00

Optus did not contact me a Debt collection agency contacted me.

I asked them why they had not contacted me before now and they said they did.

Guess where they sent the mail to???? EMERALD which I left in July 07

I asked them why they are suing me and they said that they had not receive anything from me!

As I had not registered the package I had no proof that I sent it all back.

And Guess what?-they also had no transcripts of all my conversations on record either to verify my story.

They also then told me I was given a Mobile phone with the sim card pack which was totally wrong as I was only given a broadband sim card to go in my laptop!!!!

We came to an agreement that I would pay $190 . (Reluctantly I might add)
But still no letter to confirm the payment arrangement came!

I was however sent an email.
I forgot about it hmmm (menopause) and in the meantime I have lost outlook express because my trial of Microsoft office had expired on my new computer.TRUE STORY

Last week I got a letter from another collection agency demanding the $544.00 because they said I was in breach of our original arrangement and as I had not paid the $190 I had to pay the full ammount of the original contract payout charge!

I feel they have me by the short and curlies!!!

Now I ask you all Should I or Should I NOT pay them at all. I feel they are just bullying me.
What do you think?

all comments appreciated.
regards Katseyes

PS:This is my first ever Blog. What a way to get things off your chest hahahaha.
Thanks for "listening"

Simon - aka Bloke said...

I can not agree more with the level of incompetence - what I would like is the CEO's home address so I can personally serve a writ in the Melbourne Magistrates court against him as the defendant.