Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Letter TO: Accounts, Optus prepaid mobile

Yesterday I went online and topped up my prepaid a/c for phone 0423 XXXXXX

Shortly afterward I rang 555 to check that the new balance had been applied. It had.

I checked with my credit card provider this morning and the appropriate debit has been made

Yet I received a text message from you this morning telling me to recharge or my account would be suspended shortly

Please explain

I also note that I was on a plan which gave me 12 months to use the funds but my enquiry to 555 told me I had only 6 months

Please explain

Failing a prompt and satisfactory reply from you, I will hand this matter to the TIO. I have had experience with your scatterbrained "service" before, you see.

Update July 3

I received a letter today saying that they are looking into it!

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Doug said...

I'm an ex-optus call centre faults technician too. I actually got a stomach ulcer from the stress of either meeting Kpis and VOC or actually helping to resolve issues. I to gained 10 kilos from working there, and yes I can honestly say saw others do the same.
The best way to define optus is "a turd rolled in glitter".
Anyway I had to resign from there I was getting to cross and unwell, so i gave 4 weeks notice. They said they would give me "a chance" to reconsider; I was asked if i was interested in being team leader to which I cringed so badly I nearly shattered into a million pieces. My team leader Fadia Khalil pretended that she wanted me to stay, of course by this time I had already had enough of the bullshit and could read that bitch like book. Every day of the last weeks there was horrible. The TL believe it or not tried to make me look bad because i had told her that I was fed-up with how the VOC results were not able to be questioned. She then criticised my work values, i had some of the best results in the whole call centre! This arrogance made me furious. I was working my ass off for this fucking company and this sociopath wanted to accuse me of not working hard enough! I went through the roof. She was lucky that I didn't throttle her. I had received in 3 awards for excellent service and a commendation letter from a customer.
The problem isn't the reps it's the management. They have no concern about the hard facts of customer service they only want to see graphs and Kpi numbers. They live in a false economy because the management all lie to each other and shirk all responsibility and integrity to answer customer concerns. It’s all about bonuses not actually giving the best service that customers deserve.
The way the team leaders and managers see it, if they admit that the customer is right they then are somehow wrong and it will reflect on them personally, of course this is a paranoid response. But the only people that make it into management in that type of environment are toadies and psychopaths. You have to be a nut to stay in that environment in the first place but to want to treat people like the shit you had been treated only proves they are bent.
Yes I’m venting, but that’s only because I was treated so poorly by optus and it's management who when I went for job, interviewers wanted the contact of my manager , which I gave and she out right lied and said that I was never meeting kpis or voc. I called her and told that I had been informed of what she said and that she has either been misinformed of intentional lied. To which she laughed and then told me I was a liar. She better hope to god she never crosses my path ever, I’ll kick her ass till her nose bleeds. Oh by BTW her name is Alison Bursle and my Team leader was Fadia Khalil. Both are mentally unstable bitches who make others do their work for them. They would prance around the call centre playing "kissy face' with everyone. It was all show to hide the vicious vindictive nature they really posses.
Anyway out of there now still looking for work, it's took me a while to wake up to the fact that they were bad mouthing me to interviewers, even though I was promised an honest reference. Serves me right to trust them when i know how immoral they where.
So as you can gather they treat their employees with as much disdain as their customers. If you get a good rep on the phone who helps you ask them how long they intend on staying with optus. lol
Fuck Optus the can burn in hell!