Monday, August 24, 2009

Letter to the TIO

Three weeks ago I wrote the enclosed letter to Optus. They have of course not replied.

They have however done SOMETHING. About a week ago I got a dialling tone back on my phone but the line was so noisy that the phone was still unusable.

Now today the snap crackle and pop is gone and my phone is completely "fixed"

They have fixed it, however, by cutting off the phone of someone else in the building and giving me his line. His phone is now dead.

That is so stupid that I am at loss to find words to describe it.

Since Optus will not communicate with me, would you PLEASE find someone at Optus capable of acting constructively in this matter? I fear that they will "fix" the other guy's line by cutting mine off again.

While you are talking to them you might suggest that they waive one month's line rental on my phone -- as that is roughly how long I had no use of it


Anonymous said...

You do realize that the techs that "cut" the line are actually Telstra techs as all copper is owned by Telstra and only Telstra approved contractors are able to work on the lines?

So for this issue, you could indeed do some research and realize that Optus have fixed issues I have at both my work and home in timely fashions, however each tech that came was a Telstra tech sent out by the reps at Optus. Yes I use their products, yes I occasionally have issues, but they always go out of their way to help me and always get me an answer and go above the service I received from Telstra.

For someone that rages over Optus you surely don't know much about how the copper land line process works, and I would suggest that by going to the TIO not only are you simply trying to cause issues without following the TIO escalation procedures (as labelled on their website) but I'm guessing that you're ignorance certainly doesn't shed you in the best light to the people who come across your blog.

If you are so very unhappy, then why don't you simply move provider? or is it too much fun to be a jackass? I have no sympathy for someone who won't even try to help themselves and expects everyone else to fix their shit for them without them lifting a single finger to do anything other than whinge...

jonjayray said...

Sounds like a Telco employee above

How am I supposed to know anything about the technicalities?

All I know is when I am not getting the service I paid for

And I DID write to Optus before I escalated it to the TIO

If Optus ignore me I am not just going to go away