Friday, December 17, 1999

Moorooka,    Qld, 4105
                                    17 December 1999
Narelle Culpan
Customer Service
                               Re: (07) 38922313                      Dear Narelle,
                                    Congratulations!  You have finally done it. After two months, innumerable phone calls and many letters I have finally got Optus to perform a simple task -- bar STD calls from my phone.  You've really got some big brains working for you --or should I say sleeping for you?
                                    I now have a harder one for you.
                                    Ever since I got the Optus cable in, my internet calls have kept dropping out.  I get on to my ISP and the connection is often cut within a minute.  The ISP techies tell me that it is an Optus problem that anyone with an Optus cable and a modern (56k) modem tends to have.
For some obscure reason Optus wires are not yet as good as Telstra wires at handling modern internet traffic.  I was not of course warned of this gross inadequacy when I signed up for your service.
                                    This seems to me to be utterly disgraceful. Is Optus in the modern world or not?  Do you only want to run a pre-internet company?  Are you total dinosaurs?
                                    The effect of your grossly incompetent service is that I have to keep ringing back to re-establish my internet connection.  You force me to make two or three calls where one should do.  This doubles or trebles my phone bill -- to your obvious dishonest benefit.  You are in effect stealing from me. You are no better than pirates.
                                    Please advise when this problem will be fixed and credit me for at least 50% of the calls I have made via your lines to my ISP (Ph. 07 3240 1500).
              If you wish to contact me per phone please try my mobile first: 0413 836248.  Otherwise try (07) 3892 2313. My Email address is:                             Yours faithfully,

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