Monday, January 10, 2000

                                    Qld, Australia, 4105
                                    10 January 2000
Dear Mr. Eustace,
                        I apologize if I am not directing this email to the most relevant person in C&W but your web page has few email addresses and you seemed nearest to what I want.  Please pass this email onto whoever might best deal with it.
                        Basically, I want to let C&W know what a load of clowns they have running "Optus" -- their Australian operation.  I have recently switched my local phone service to them and have had nothing but trouble since -- trouble that Optus do their best to ignore.
                        They first failed for two months to put a bar on long distance calls from my phone -- despite dozens of calls from me to their so-called "help" line asking them to do so. Only when I wrote to our Telecommunications Ombudsman about them did they get off their behinds.
                        They now seem determined to ignore all complaints that their service is not Internet friendly.  When I had my phone service through Telstra, I had no trouble getting onto the Internet but now I am with Optus I get call dropouts all the time.  I have written even to the Optus CEO (Chris Anderson) about this but I have yet to get a single response from anybody at Optus about the problem.  They all seem to be total ignoramuses without even the courtesy to acknowledge letters addressed to them.  I get the impression that they do not want C&W to have a local call business in Australia and are doing their best to sabotage your corporate objectives in that field.
                        I shall have to go to the media soon to tell everybody in Australia not to subscribe to Optus if they want to get onto the Internet.  I thought somebody at C&W might not want that to happen.
       (Dr.) JOHN RAY (Email:

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