Tuesday, January 18, 2000

 Moorooka, 4105
                                18 January, 2000
Chris Anderson

Chris, baby,
         Your repeated ignorance in failing to respond to my letters and emails really makes me polite towards you  --NOT.
          But your ignorance will do you no good.   I am not going to go away.  I will persist until this matter is resolved.    So be a good boy and fix it NOW -- thus saving a lot more bother for all concerned.
           I reproduce below correspondence that you should be aware of.  Note my recent letter to the TIO.

                                    Qld, 4105
                                    18 Jan 2000                                         Dear Mr Eustace,
                        It will do enormous damage to Optus if it becomes generally known in Australia that their network is not Internet-friendly.  I am on the brink of sending out press releases to all the major Australian news organizations to tell them exactly that and what are Optus doing?  Still ignoring me --despite your earlier intervention with them. I got a dismissive email on Friday from a Ms Michelle Ford that totally ignored my internet concerns but that is all. According to an email I received on 12th from our Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman "The TIO has received confirmation from C & W Optus that the matter
concerning the Internet service is currently under investigation by its
CEO's Office" so they know what is going on but are apparently running around like headless chooks trying to decide what to do. Sorry for the barnyard allusion but if you have ever seen fowl decapitated you will know what I mean.

If the Optus Internet problems become generally known, it will greatly reduce the value of Optus in any sell-off so I am sure your CEO at C&W in Britain would be most keen to forestall what your Australian loonies seem determined to bring down on their heads.  Please therefore let him know what is happening here or give me his email address so that I can do so.

To contact me per phone please try my mobile first: 0413 836248. Otherwise try (07) 3892 2313.  My Email address is: Jonjayray@hotmail.com.

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