Tuesday, January 18, 2000

                                    Qld, 4105                                    18 Jan 2000
Chris Anderson
                            Re: 07 3892 2313
Dear Chris,
                        Where do you find all these feather-brained females to put into responsible positions at Optus?   The long-awaited response from Optus to my many emails came this morning from a cracked record named Michelle Ford.  All the techies -- including your own -- know that call dropouts to ISPs are a common Optus problem but she seemed determined to blame ME for the problem. She sure knows how to win friends and influence people! 
                        I can see that I will have to explain my problem to Mike Moore on "A Current Affair" before I get anywhere further with this.
                        Yours faithfully,
       (Dr.) JOHN RAY

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