Friday, January 14, 2000

Dear Dr. Ray 
                        I refer to the issues you have raised regarding your Cable & Wireless Optus (CWO) Services. 
                        After investigating the matters raised I would like to confirm that National, International and Information calls have been barred from your CWO Local Telephone Service. International and Information calls were barred on 15 November 1999, and National calls were barred on 14 December 1999. Due to the delay in actioning your barring request, compensation of $315.90 was credited to your account on 10 January 2000, as per the Customer Service Guarantee Standard.                         I have found that contrary to your allegations, after each request you have made to CWO the matters raised have been either addressed by that Department, or referred to the appropriate Department for actioning.
                        According to our records, on 22 December 1999 a Customer Fault Management Consultant, Bruno, contacted you regarding the call dropouts your reported, which occurred when connecting to your modem. Our records show that Bruno suggested several alternative modem settings and was able to confirm with you that your connection had not broken whilst using the new settings at which point Bruno provided you with his e-mail address, to ensure that if you had any repeat of this fault you would be able to contact him and a further investigation could take place. According to our records you have not made any further contact with him and the matter was considered resolved.
                        Our records indicate you were contacted several times regarding the issues you raised, by telephone, mail and e-mail. On several of these occasions CWO Representatives found your conversation to be abusive and offensive and terminated the calls.
                        Cable & Wireless Optus regrets any service difficulty you have had with your Local Telephone Service, and we would request that if these matters recur, that you contact our Customer Fault Management Department on 125 125 to ensure that these matters are addressed and resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Our Customer Fault Management Department is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Yours sincerely 
Michelle Ford

National Customer Relations Manager 
Cable & Wireless Optus 
Tel : 61 2 9775 9050 
Fax : 61 2 9775 9077 
Email :

       Thank you for your email of today (Fri. 14th).
You typify all that is wrong with Optus.  YOU JUST WILL NOT
LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.  It is when customers are repeatedly ignored
that they get abusive out of sheer frustration with you.
       I am not going to repeat myself in this matter. Instead I am
going to attach to this email just two of the previous relevant
letters that I have sent to Optus.  READ THEM!  And then reply to what
I have been asking for nearly a month now.
       Yours disgustedly
       (Dr. JOHN RAY)

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