Wednesday, January 19, 2000

                                    Qld, 4105
                                    19 Jan 2000                      
Michelle Ford

                   Re: 07 3892 2313                 
Dear Michelle,
                        Well, yesterday was definitely the day when Optus finally decided to talk to me.  It took me an awful lot of emails to achieve that end but I suppose I must see your various calls as progress of a sort. 
                        I note however that:
A: My ISP call dropout problem has not at all as yet been fixed.
B: You have refused point blank even to discuss so far any reduction of my phone bill to account for the many extra calls your touchy system has forced me to make.

                        I am most irritated by BOTH these failures but advise that I will tolerate A: for the moment if you fix B: promptly.
                        Unless you act soon, however, I will have to take further action to energize you.  I do, for instance, now appear to have the email address of the CEO (Graham Wallace) of your parent company in London.  You would not be pleased to hear the things I am inclined to tell him about his Australian operation.
                        You seem very much inclined to dismiss what I say but I advise you on this occasion to discuss matters with Chris Anderson first if you are thinking of doing so again.
                        To assist your thinking I reproduce below an email I sent first thing yesterday morning to Peter Eustace in the UK.  I would think of sending something similar to Graham Wallace.
                        To contact me per phone please try my mobile first: 0413 836248.  Otherwise try (07) 3892 2313.  My Email address is:
                        Yours faithfully,
       (Dr.) John RAY

Dear Dr. Ray 
After testing your Cable & Wireless Optus line we have found no fault. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you further with this matter. 
I have spoken with Flatrate regarding your service, who I believe will contact you directly. 
For any further information please contact me directly on 02 9775 9050 or by email. 
Michelle Ford

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