Sunday, January 16, 2000

                                    24 Forest St., Moorooka,
                                    Qld, 4105
                                    16 January 2000
Michelle Ford
National Customer Relations Manager
C&W Optus
Dear Michelle,
                        I have been thinking about your title as National Customer Relations Manager and have come to the conclusion that you should be interested in ALL the letters that I have sent to Optus in my generally unsuccessful attempt to find some signs of intelligent life there.
You will see that many were sent to your CEO himself and you will also see that I remained polite for a long time before I began to get really annoyed at your ignorant treatment of me. So I attach my file of correspondence with Optus in full below -- comprising letters, faxes and emails.
                        For instance, just look at the fax I sent you on 15th November.  Can you imagine any responsible businessperson totally ignoring that?  Optus did.
                        Are you concerned?                        No wonder C&W is thinking of selling off Optus.  I would be too.
                        If C&W do decide to hang on to Optus, however, they clearly need to sack the lot of your lazy and arrogant head office staff.  I am thinking of emailing the head of C&W with just that suggestion -- with your last email to me as a prize exhibit.
                        If you wish to contact me per phone please try my mobile first: 0413 836248.  Otherwise try (07) 3892 2313.  My Email address is:
                        Yours Wearily,

       (Dr.) John RAY

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