Thursday, December 9, 2010

My same-day reply

Thank you for your assistance so far

I note however that one of my payments still has not been credited by your system

Westpac Mastercard confirms that Optus prepaid debited me for $20 on both 6th and 7th of December. Please get someone with computer skills to trace and remedy the fault

Furthermore, I note that the options one is given to tick when recharging are very limited and of obscure meaning. Please refer to someone in a senior position at Optus the need for each option to be accompanied by a clarifying explanation of what each option does

The options I was given were:

Recharge Type :

$20 Cap
$20 International Zone A
$20 International Zone B
$20 International Zone C
$20 RevUp Data

That was all very mysterious to me but "$20 cap" seemed nearest to what I wanted to do as I have no plans to travel overseas. So I just clicked it

You really do need to make things easier for your customers. If you had done so already, we would not be having this correspondence

John Ray

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