Saturday, December 4, 2010

To: Customer Relations, Optus

Re prepaid mobile 0423248xxx

Dear Sir/Madam

I no longer have any faith in your online services so I am following up a complaint I submitted over the internet with this letter

Yesterday (3rd) I used my Mastercard to add a recharge of "$20 capped" (whatever that is) to my A/c. On ringing 555 however I found it had not gone through

Today (4th) I did the same thing again and suddenly found (via 555) that I had $100 of credit!

BUT the message said that I had only until Dec 18 2010 to spend the money. My recharge gave me only one extra week instead of the usual 6 months

I will raise this with the TIO unless you fix this BEFORE Dec 18. In anticipation of your incompetence, I am retaining a copy of this letter.

Yours disgustedly

Dr John Ray

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

optus... is the worst company in Australia ,so no only you have problems with overcharges and just sending you over and over bills for something were you never used and received?!
they R ridicules referring they abusive Costumer service were they are only arrogant's and ignorant 's referring any outstanding bills and they doubled charge R for it and apology is not enough referring this disgusting company NO? or YES?
I am one also person which has same problems with their embarrassment to?I am living in Nsw And fix my land line which was dead for ages they send me continiously bills and charges were they never provide with contractor job re;faulty line and that company TIO its just back off Optus were they not help R just opposite and looking for that crap company just for excuses and Tio Melbourne is showing just fraud and corruptions referring all complaints ,which u lodge to their and they r so smart and they erase data from they computers to not put fault and any future court action against this BIG BULL COMPANY NO? or YES? So be aware? remember they r crocks to.
Knight FitNO? or YES?