Wednesday, March 29, 2000

., Moorooka,
                                    Qld, 4105
                                    29 March 2000
Dear Mr Wallace,
                        I have been extremely patient but Optus are still refusing to communicate with me in any way regarding my complaint against them.  Our official telecommunications regulator here in Australia (the TIO) has just told me that they are moving towards "raising a formal complaint against C&W Optus" in the matter so their ignorant approach is not going to get them far.  Are you aware of their swinish attitude to customers affected by the technical inadequacy of their systems?
                        They do appear to have made some improvements in their systems since I started complaining, as call dropouts during the internet "handshake" process are now rare.  The cure is not complete, however.  Just last Friday I had to make four calls (two each to two different ISPs) before I got a stable connection.
                        Please try and get these pig-headed ignoramuses to negotiate a settlement of this matter with me.
                        Yours faithfully,
        (Dr.) John RAY

Mobile Phone: 0413 836248;  Landline phone: (07) 3892 2313. 
Email:   or:   
                  Moorooka, Qld., 4105                         3 April 2000
               Re: 07 38922313
Michelle Ford
Customer Relations
May I quote you?  "C&W Optus now considers this matter closed". You were wrong, weren't you?  The TIO have now put you on the mat over my complaint.  When are you going to become a decent enough human being to treat your customers the way you would like to be treated?  Trying to fob people off with a heap of bullshit does you no credit and will not work in the long run anyway.
John Ray

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

.,     Moorooka,
                                    Qld, 4105
                                    21 March 2000
Telecoms Ombudsman
                    Your Ref.: C/99/58155
Dear Mr. Pinnock,
       I advise that the problem I had with Optus is now partially
solved in that I rarely now get my internet connections broken off. 
Neither I nor my ISP have made any changes to our systems recently so
Optus have obviously increased the capacity of their system recently or
otherwise got their act together.  My request now, therefore, is to
have all PAST call charges cancelled where the connection lasted for
less than 2 minutes.  I obviously could not do anything significant in
such a short time so such calls were obviously the ones I did not terminate myself.                                                    
       Yours faithfully,
       (Dr.) John RAY