Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gabba 4102
26 September, 2012

Kahla Fowler
Customer Relations

Dear Madam,

As you know from past correspondence, I have had great difficulty getting useful service out of my Optus wireless dongle.  I use it to access the internet on a prepaid basis. A/c 93229678000112.  During the month of May, however, I got some use out of it from time to time so I was rather of the view that I had finally cracked the system. 

When I logged on this evening (26th) however, I was disabused of that notion.  I logged on around 7pm and had great difficulty getting any connection at all.  After repeated tries I did however get a connection.  The connection did not allow me to load anything, however.  Even Optuszoo would not come up!  So that looked like an overload situation.  I figured out however that maybe 7pm was a peak time and I might have better luck later.

I did.  At 9pm I got connected straight away and even managed to log onto a page on the net.  That was the sum of my success, however.  I could not get onto any other pages.  Overload was again the obvious diagnosis.

You obviously cannot provide the service you advertise so I think you should buy back my dongle.

In the absence of a constructive reply I will raise the matter with the TIO. I might let SingTel know too.  You really are a disgrace.