Friday, September 13, 2013

Optus never ceases to amaze

Optus is probably not the world's worst phone company.  Some British company would probably beat them for that title.  But they would be in the running.

Would you like to take over somebody else's phone number?  If they are with Optus it is a cinch.  You just sign up with some other company  -- say Dodo -- and tell them that you want the number.  Dodo will then simply ask for it and Optus will give it to them no questions asked.  You would imagine that Optus would ask their customer if he wanted to lose his number or not  -- but no siree!

Sound crazy?  It is.  But Optus have just done exactly that to me.  They cancelled my number and gave it to Dodo -- even though my account was paid in advance and I have had it for ten years without giving them any problems with late payments.

I of course protested and it was then that I was told that they perform no checks if another phone company asks for a particular number.  It's obviously a cost-saving measure for them.

After I wrote to Paul O'Sullivan, their CEO, about the matter, they got my number back from Dodo but tell me that they are so hard worked that it will be another week before my account will actually be restored.  Most people who ring me have my mobile number but otherwise it would be a read teeth-grinder to lose my landline for 3 weeks.  It could happen to you.  Change to another provider.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paul O'Sullivan
1 Lyonpark Rd
Macquarie Park
NSW 2113


Dear Sir,
I am writing to you because my attempt to get YOUR bungle fixed has already cost me significant money.  I spent so much time taking to your helpline that my mobile phone credit ran out.

The bungle is that landline 33914*** was disconnected and transferred elsewhere by you without authorization.  I want it back.  The account is jointly operated by Judith Burgess and myself.

I enclose the cheque you sent me.  Please cancel it and credit to my restored account.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Qld 4102
3 December, 2012

Paul O'Sullivan


I have finally and totally had it with you shitheads.  Because of poor connections, I moved my mobile internet connection from you to Telstra and I am now not renewing my prepaid Optus mobile phone A/c either.

My prepaid mobile A/c is shortly due for a topup but when I logged onto your site I clicked all around it and could find NOWHERE that told me how long a given recharge lasts.  Why can't expiry information be given beside each payment option?

So I will let the A/c expire.  You are not interested in business and you have been an unremitting nuisance to me.