Thursday, December 8, 2011

Qld 4102
8 December, 2011



Dear Sir,

I am completely fed up with your facility for recharging mobile phones.

My no. is 0423 248795

I carefully navigated my way online  to your "186 day" recharge options and topped up my account with $30.  Your receipt  0E173F70E6244D0D993D56E7D8EDA2E6 refers.

Shortly thereafter I rang 555 to check my balance

I found that the $30 had been recorded but I was given only ONE WEEK more to use the funds.  Please correct your records.

In the absence of a prompt and satisfactory reply from you I will take the matter up with the TIO.  I am not going to cancel my service with you as I would rather keep pushing you towards decency in your dealings with your customers.  I have sure had a gutful of you by now -- going back to the year 2000 -- but I am not going to let you get away with it.