Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Moorooka 4105
                            27 Sept 2000
Michelle Ford Optus

You seem to have have entrusted my recent enquiry to a Paul Kennedy.  Mr Kennedy seems to have a bad case of the familiar Optus complaint of ignoring customers.  I reproduce below the relevant correspondence.  Please give Mr Kennedy a kick where he needs it.  If I do not soon get some sort of reply to my email of 18th., I will have to restart the familiar TIO merrygoround.  You lost the last two rounds so do try to be smarter this time.
Yours faithfully,
John Ray                   (07 - 38922313)

Monday, September 18, 2000

My internet connections are once again being broken off a lot --during the "handshake" phase.  I now get dropped at least once a day -- and I use two different ISPs, so it is not an ISP problem.  Please advise your current policy on compensation.
John Ray                  07-38922313

From: Optus User
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 12:46:39 +1100 
Dear Mr Ray, 
If you are experiencing handshake issues and dropped connections, please forward to me a copy of your account statement indicating which billed calls you feel were involved. These will be reviewed.
Paul Kennedy
Customer Relations

Optus does not detail local calls on its statements to me but all calls to my ISP numbers of less than 2 mins are obviously abortive as you can do nothing useful in that time.  My ISP nos. are (07) 33805000 and 32401500.  Only you can check up Optus records on how often such rapid disconnects have happened this month.  Optus do not give mere customers such records.
Please advise further
John Ray