Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Letter TO: Accounts, Optus prepaid mobile

Yesterday I went online and topped up my prepaid a/c for phone 0423 XXXXXX

Shortly afterward I rang 555 to check that the new balance had been applied. It had.

I checked with my credit card provider this morning and the appropriate debit has been made

Yet I received a text message from you this morning telling me to recharge or my account would be suspended shortly

Please explain

I also note that I was on a plan which gave me 12 months to use the funds but my enquiry to 555 told me I had only 6 months

Please explain

Failing a prompt and satisfactory reply from you, I will hand this matter to the TIO. I have had experience with your scatterbrained "service" before, you see.

Update July 3

I received a letter today saying that they are looking into it!