Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter to Paul O'Sullivan, CEO, Optus

I am irate at a bit of systematic skullduggery you practice when your prepaid mobile phone users go online to get a recharge -- and I am thinking of drawing the attention of both ACMA and the TIO to it.

I believe in dialogue, however, so I will predicate my future action in the matter on your reply or non-reply to this letter.

I have prepaid mobile 0423 248 *** and when I last logged on to the net at the options presented allowed me only 30 days to use the recharge funds. I have had battles (which I won) with Optus since the year 2000 however so I was not going to lie down and take that. I wrote two letters querying the matter to your "help" staff and eventually someone rang me to let me in on the deep dank secret of how to get 6 months to use my recharge funds.

There is NOTHING on the recharge page to tell me so but if I change the default recharge from $20 to $30 an entirely new screen pops up and that screen allows a 6 month recharge. But even that screen does not SAY it provides a 6 month recharge. You just have to be "in the know" to realize what is happening.

It's no mystery what you are trying to do. You are trying to get less frequent users to waste their money by giving them insufficiant time to use their funds. In good Australian parlance, it is a RORT.

Unless you change BOTH screens to let customers know what is happening, look forward to a call from ACMA. And I think I might write to Singtel about you too.

You have just copped a $5 million fine for misleading and deceptive advertising. Do you want another one?


Anonymous said...

Optus is one of the worse telecom company in Australia. I have been this company for last 10 years. Today I have noticed that for them I am just a another number. Recently optus has provided me with a wrong account number, due to their error my payment went to a wrong account. For last one month Optus has disconnected my services three time and when I raised my concerns than I had been told to change the service provider. I am surprised that the Customer relation representative Nathan Godwin thinks he owns the company and Paul O Sullivan is nothing in front of his job profile. I had made clear to Nathan than I will be taking 25 of my friends off optus network and this chain will multiply. Good bless these rude optus staff.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think your clenching at straws here. As a prepaid customer, there are absolutely no barriers to you porting your number over to an alternative carrier. writing a letter to the CEO of Optus about trivial recharge issues just seems like an attention-seeking vendetta. There are obviously millions of people out there on the Optus network who are perfectly happy, and I'm sure there are many other carriers out there who would be more than happy to offer you a 6 month recharge option (Telstra perhaps?). At the end of the day, I'm sure Optus would rather not have your business than have to endure your continuous and deliberate attempts at drumming up noise around complaints.

jonjayray said...

Anon of Sept 22 sounds like a Telco employee

"There are obviously millions of people out there on the Optus network who are perfectly happy"

I would have thought that people stay with Optus because Telstra is just as bad

Anonymous said...

On Thursday the 5th of Jan we had a lightening storm which took out our OPTUS ADSL. This happens frequently enough and it is usually back online by mid morning the next day. This time has been different. Here we are on the 16th of Jan and still no ADSL and no anticipated time back up.
It has been particularly difficult since every time we call to get an update the folks in India (or wherever they are) want to run me through the complete script of tests before they will give me any kind of answer as to what is going on - even though it has been consistently "no known time back up".
This service is one where Optus buys time on the Telstra server and herein lies the problem I believe since we have been talking to Telstra service about this also. According to Telstra there are 36 customers out of service and they can not restore service due to "congestion on the line" which tells me they have their Telstra customers up and running but the others not subscribing to Telstra are not going to be put back on line until they get more bandwidth for the Telstra customers.
And NOPE - I can not use WIFI cuz I live in one of those black holes that nobody services.
How does this level of service manage to survive?

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so going to enjoy promoting this blog. Optus are woeful and I embarking on the biggest campaign to highlight how hopeless they are.